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623 Freestyle photo

unknown fibers twisting across the knee, bussin, tearing. each stairstep an adventure.
da morning branches reflect they own shadows on neighbors. tha block never not hot:
stabbing laughter hilted to bass tones, damn near garbage truck, damn near internal
beats and breaks from buildings innards. lines thinner.

frail as a twig broken by the wind. bodies so frail one degrees warmer will make a nigga
too weak to leave the house. radical restful. an internal icyhot.
fighting with life but that Nigga got more experience than me. AC unit on Fan for
twerkulation. my internal temp stabilizes while the external fluctuates and flirts for happy
mediums. respect to any enemy that wins a battle. mayhaps these lil niggas on amok will
respect well enough to let me live.

i hold rei tail while he cleans it, which she appreciates cuz it swang damn near mind of
its own, inviting play. his bath-time licks follow hangnailing black stripes against heathery
fur. sanitize my hands to kill any lingering virus molecule. respect to these viral
mufuckas but finna always be beef.

when i get an honorary doctorate, I'll make niggas call me FDR, for Fake Doctor. if i ever
meet RuPaul, i would ask her: whats your favorite season of Survivor? he kiki the
answer in my ear, steps back w clasped hands, asks, What would be your drag name?
and i empathically freestyle, Mai Knicker.