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February 21, 2023 Poetry

5 Poems

Rose Knapp

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Adams’ Hill Walkabout 


Dreamscapes dart into

Mosaics of marble

Triune streak on streak



Cocaine Codas


Cocaine waves of codas code walkabout

Fire escapes within Firestorms

Of diamond glistening utopias of the mind 





Sanguine Spiritus mundi amor faux fati Fatima 

Five fath Omniscient Oms Osiris thy

Father in Paradiso lies to us


Oeuvre of Isaiah Patmos revelation

Revealing Lotus Set Sethian Loki 


Awaiting thee sol in Lethe lake of diamond

Damnation pure pulsating numinous Eros 


Roses Danse singing Cathar Cantos 

Inner eternal and ephemeral Fluxus 



Where did gods and goddesses come from?


Are they mere mirror representations, shadows of

Ourselves, our own psychological states 

Anthropocene amplified to mythological heights?





Is time progressive and linear or

Circumambulating Recurring and circular?


Why can’t time be both? History repeating 

Itself but making progress too?