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March 7, 2023 Poetry

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gg roland

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i’m working on a physical proof
using organic matter to store flammable liquid

the body as a filter to make piss
so dark and toxic it’s nearly shit

other byproducts are produced
sticky sweat, the stink of loneliness

the need to be liked

evaporates, sticks to indoor air
the body enjoys routine, a tooth loosens

i hear a singer-songwriter
and try to put her beauty on loop

finally smiling
i pass out hiccuping

to dream of love




the door that grants access to joy
small enough
to reflect in dewey raspberries
also opens the other way
to suicide




the pollen has to be processed
we smile and encourage
we enjoy as we build
the sweetness we protect ourselves with
our honey walls




no more jokes
no need
nothing pithy
no helmeted laughing

i offer nothing
i have loneliness
, and thank you, 

with my head lowered