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in lizard pose

my body is river
water and everything
smells like fresh
laundry or mountains

it feels like a wind
is hitting you even
when you’re inside

i am smashing a water
melon but at the last
minute i’m the watermelon
instead i got five on it
on repeat but slowed down

cough syrup
the end of a long hike


in headstand

i imagine the feeling
of dmt without the
smell of it the smell
of lemon without the
taste everything feels
like magic natural light
clouds suddenly my
body knows no geo
graphical history no
trauma no dysmorphia
it is muscle and skin
turned energy but
with bushwick bill
in the background
rapping about his eye


notes on drugs part one

when i listen to led
Zeppelin on xanax
i feel like i’m in dazed
and confused but
i’m kate hudson’s
character from almost
famous and when i’m
on coke i feel like i’m
in cruel intentions but
i have the personality
of winona ryder in
girl, interrupted

when i’m on ecstasy
i have the spirit of
maucaulay culkin in
home alone mixed
with his spirit from
party monster and
i’m frantically running
through the rave
scene in the matrix


mental illness

if someone told me
i was possessed by
demons it would make
more sense to me
than depression