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August 1, 2014 Poetry

4 Poems

Victor Freeze

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I don't wanna go home.
I'm really high tonight.
I feel safe behind the closed door of the bathroom.
The fan is on and I'm sitting on a toilet typing this.

I feel content.

I'm scattered in pieces.



Kick me out of your bar.
I'm a drug dealer.
I'm so angry, can't you tell?

I'm illiterite,
Big dick having
Greasy Chicken eating

The color of my skin is literally black according to any bubble sheet I’ve ever been told to color in.

My name is nigger.

You're prepared now.

Don't high five me for drinking a 40.
Don't ask me for a Newport.
Don't call me African-American because I didn't migrate to this country…I was born here.
Don't call me, "the coolest black guy" you know.

Hi, I'm Victor.
Is it really nice to meet you?


memo no. 293 4/30/14 3:23 a.m.

my world has a heartbeat.
its veins are pumped with curren$y.
To get by is a hassle
freewill is a struggle.
Become familiar with Lucky.

Seek happiness.
Changing fate with every decision.
Too arrogant and ignorant to see the big picture.

Hoping for a short life
I like to call it

Afraid of aging.
Afraid of changing.
Afraid I will forget that I was young once

I don't know what to do.


apartment 15 w/ an open door policy

You say you like the way I touch you.

I only want what is best for you.

Together we are nothingness.

But I'm not the only one.
what occurs when I'm not the one being nothing beside you?
who receives the care
and how is it different?

I was made to believe that I was given the chance to learn you.

a witch put a spell on me the minute I saw flame upon that hill

infatuation suffocates me.
your joy strangulates me

Inclined to feel deserving
of your attention.

afraid to realize that the present is fleeting.

nervous of the day our charm spells shall be lifted.
Terrified that our charm spells will never wear off.
Terrified that one day
one of our charm spells will wear off before the other's does.

I like the window view from your bed.
i like that snoring confirms that you are finally dreaming.

sharing is caring.
thank you for sharing.
you hate when I thank you.
don't think that way.
it's stupid.

I care too.


image: Victor Freeze