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at first light i just might. ive evolved now im the type nigga that giggles when happy. im
the nigga you see bobbing on the train, eyes closed. caught up in the damn rapture of
Today. rock my hips. i allow myself to feel joy listening to Anita Baker Same Ol Love and
when im prescient of the joy i rock a lil harder. i let tisakorean expand upon that joy. joy
at the purr and my cats static lighting the darkness of the living room.

the music brain and the writing brain compete day to day. one i have an insatiable need
to follow rhythms, to move, to let them rhythms dictate my emotionality. that other i be
deep-brained, foxholed, seeking to understand a connection, to see each point slapped;
solitary. i fight for direction. internal, seeing what light shines. stutter step, glued-in,
what binds?

as if the only conflict is standing clear of closing doors. so much time in boxes
packing unpacking breaking cant care bout no hating care about innovation. as if any
imitation actually worth conflation. swallow my own blood that's why im flossing. i cut
my teeth on life being ridiculous (x2)

everywhere i throw my hood up its danger afoot. you play the night over and over up
top. but uont analyze u misremember. ol fabricating ass nigga. you ignoredem traumas
and be like bruh fuck allat whatever you been through you been through and you can
conflate, agaain, or you can let this tequila shot settle your mettle remember where your
middleroots is and unnastand that each moment its felt and talk and what's real felt
even a thought tangible cuz i can prove it exist. tryna be in joy it's the weekend so like

image: Joe Morena