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March 22, 2023 Poetry

3 Poems

Tom Will

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Robert’s Sketch, His Wife Dead in 2021

Tonight I cut the cast iron tub in half 
To throw it from the second story window
Onto the lawn where it sits pigeon toed

We slept in it for back pain
For two pigeon years
And conceived there children

Now whoever wants us 
Will have to weld us 
Back together


Breece Pancake’s Sketch

Someone moved in across from my apartment
Family with no children a yellow lab
They never wave I call them crickets
They sit on their porch and talk like crickets
Asleep before midnight
One night I was on my steps and I was drunk and stared at the guy
Cricket at my foot the symbol of vengeance
Did not realize I was staring but I was
He waved at me in a way arm right angled like a court oath
I waved back maybe it was a bit roman out of surprise
He went inside then behind his storm door he had a shotgun cricket black
Sorry Breece this is just about me but I am thinking of you
And your neighborly gifts


Watch Gifts

I took my grandfather’s watch and had it fixed and now I wear it. I expected something from it. I did not think it was my eye but it looks like an eye. I did not think it was my wrist but it looks like my wrist. I put it on to remind me to put it on. It is not one of those clocks with beers for hours that says beer time. But it says when I put it on time to wear a watch. I did not think it would remind me of my grandfather but it does. The clasp and bracelet are not the ocean’s floor but it looks like the ocean’s floor. It does not make any noise but it works. I will maintain the most unclear of expectations for it as it does for me. It is time for something it says and I say that right back to the watch. I have the feeling the watch and I will be at this standstill years from now.