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November 7, 2014 Poetry

3 Poems

Greg Zorko

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you have a room in your apartment just for painting pictures.

you sleep on the floor next to your computer and iPhone. the iPhone is almost in your mouth.
it smells like old carrots.

we talk about putting plastic stars on the ceiling, and the severed head of some animal on the wall.

i had a dream that i was drowning in a lake of hummus. i was saved by a brown bear who carried me in his mouth like a fish. i woke up. i spent ~2 hours on webMD figuring out what diseases i had and why i bruise without knowing it.

i took breaks to eat apple slices and read an article about how the universe might be a hologram.

my life is like a husk of corn. my life is like the lid to a Tupperware container of gluten-free pasta.

my selfie-taking is icon painting. i can sing like a bird who is imitating a human boy.


new member of 1 direction

i want 2 have my heart pulled out in a ritual

consume my lungs and flesh and put an end to my body

build a fire. watch Indiana Jones and copy it

i have a guilt that is both natural and big

with my mouth and tongue i can make the air horn sound from rap songs

i am recording a mixtape, emailing it to you

i have been buying plain white reebok shoes for the past 10 years

i feel like a frog on a single lily pad in the center of an ocean wave

one day i will go blind and decide to take an infinite nap.



we meet online not because we are shy but because our bodies don’t exist

we lie about our hands and our throats. i say my hands are small, you say your throat is, “super small”

we make vague plans to see the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie together

now we are texting

i would like to be in a field with you

me buried underneath the field

you in a cloud above the field

all of the corn between us

i like the feeling of drinking a soda in my car

the fluid moving through my large and small intestines

my body moving quickly through the world, bothering it for a short time

i think:

if i could maintain normal bone density i would pay to fly to Mars

normal bone density is important to me.


image: Ilya Repin