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May 28, 2014 Poetry

3 Poems

Ricky Garni

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It's Complicated

I could make a painting brighter
if I used brighter colors
It’s as simple as that

But it’s really not because
I don’t want to use brighter colors

And why I don’t want to use
brighter colors isn’t simple at all

And it’s as simple as that


Il Miglior Fabbro

I was given the opportunity to hear Ezra Pound recite his own poetry and I declined.
If you do not know who Ezra Pound was, he was a tall man with thick reddish black hair
and a pointy beard who liked cats and walked awkwardly with a bit of a hunch and could
not throw a baseball or dance the jitterbug worth beans.



Teddy was visited by a feeling of happiness.
He was in a white sailboat in the cold ocean
and waving to someone on the shore
far away. Teddy was traveling the speed of light.
He motioned at the speed of light to pass him
but the speed of light said No, you go first–
it was happy to wait.


image: Aaron Burch