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150 Dollars photo

Sunday at the bar it's dead I'm
the only person there until an
old fat guy comes in

sits down and orders a Coke
says he's from Chicago just
passing through

seeing if he can find college
guys to sell him their

I say "oh yeah? how much do
you pay for them?"
he says "50 dollars usually

and 100 dollars
if they piss or come on them"

it's dead at the bar so I say
"sure but I'm not in college
and I'm not wearing underwear

I'm wearing a jockstrap"
he says "that's okay could you piss
on it a little?"

I say "I don't have to piss
but give me 5 minutes"
I go into the back area of the bar

by the walk-in cooler
and remove my boots then jeans
and jockstrap then put back on my

jeans then boots and walk over to
the sink where there is a bottle of
Trader Joe's hand lotion

I press down on the pump squirting
a quarter-sized amount of lotion
into the palm of my hand

I go to the women's bathroom
because it has a lock
one of those rudimentary locks

where a hook attached to the door
goes in a hoop attached to the frame
I masturbate to my reserve

of go-to images and situations
and am able to come quite fast
which surprises me

I forgot I could come so fast
because when masturbating for pleasure
I tend to prolong and savor it

when in this case I am providing a service
I feel proud that I have that kind of control
to come under pressure and expectation

and to deliver a product promptly
I step out of the bathroom smiling
and hand the old fat guy the jockstrap

"here you go"
he lifts the jockstrap
presses it into his face and inhales deeply

through his nose and exhales
through his mouth saying "oh yeah
could you show me your dick?"

I say "I really can't at the bar I'm working"
he says "can I feel your dick through your jeans?
I'll give you 50 more dollars"

I say "okay sure" and for a minute
he feels my dick through my jeans
with his hand squeezing it

while holding the underwear to his face
I get anxious and bored and say "okay
I have to get back to work"

he hands me 150 dollars and says "thank you"
I say "sure"
after a while he finishes his Coke and leaves

later about 30 minutes until the end of my shift
the old fat guy walks back in
sits down and orders a Coke

I prepare the bar
for the next person to work
I clock out and as I'm leaving say

"bye" to the old fat guy
and he says quietly
"are you interested

in earning any more money?"
I say "no"
he says nervously as if to avert

making a scene "okay no problem
no problem"


image: Doug Paul Case