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Yeah so I’m a turkey so what     photo

Yeah so I’m a turkey so what
My body is festooned with brown feathers and I have a wack ass gobbler on my face, big deal Who cares

I’m a symbol of an America newly forged and I live with like 1000 other turkeys in a yard Who gives a shit

I was literally slaughtered to death and stripped of every feather and also my head then some jank ass lady lifted my frozen body from a cooler, put me in a Windstar Big whoop
Big fucking deal

Who cares that I couldn’t even fly

That crone jammed rosemary UNDERNEATH my skin, and butter and sage stuffing Right up my ass
And she roasted me in what felt like the discovery of an even deeper death
Who gives a fuck

And yeah, ok so I had a corner in the slaughter yard where I could see off in the distance a river And a tree that turned snow white before it swelled with apples
Swollen ass tree
Who cares

And you tore me up with all the sauces and the sides
And I gnashed between your hard teeth while you pontificated Like a jackass
With your jackass family

Then you watched football
And I sloshed around in that clenched and stoneless pit you call a stomach While all of my cells began to collude with your cells,
My force coursing through your force holes

and slowly our shit like
Ven diagrammed
You shook in resistance and snapped your jaws

Who gives a shit about any of this

Then I took over your arms Then I took over your head

and I or you


or I guess “we”

Attacked various sacred holdouts of your family’s boring history We compared Mother to diarrhea
We thanked Dad for nothing
We kissed your unvirgin sister, finally

We torched the house and I’m pretty sure someone got their THROAT SLASHED
We extolled demons

And now look where we are
By some old ass nothing tree with our hair to our dick Eating bugs and honey

Big fucking deal
Who cares? Who can honestly say that they give a shit about this? About anything? 


image: Stowell Watters