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who are the Bash Brothers, son? do you even know? photo

used to bring my glove
no fan would be without one
allure of the foul
I used to believe 
some men were superior
they wore hats and gloves
they had statistics
posters adorned every wall
their cards came with gum
Jose Canseco
and skinny Mark McGwire
ruled all creation
bring your collection!
do you have their rookie cards?
I wish we could trade
wide batting stance
lets bash forearms together
we can do that, too
can you believe it?
he charges for autographs!
I used to believe
it's easier when you're young
my first fallen star.
andro and steroids
everything is just fine here
the Cream and The Clear
Eckersley sidearm
no one could hit The Closer
Everyone but Kirk
remember Ozzie?
that guy used to do backflips!
infield gymnast
and then there was Bo
off season Oakland Raider
Royal Bash Brother.
they called him The Kid
wore his baseball hat backwards
the best swing ever
The Evil Empire fell
smile from the bottom
flip down sunglasses
the best ball park giveaway
I wore them always
not everyone juiced
Ken Griffey Jr. was clean
a man among men
rookies are all kids
who are the Bash Brothers, son?
do you even know?
I'd be a veteran
I'm not draft eligible
this is how I age