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Unusual Box Jellyfish Have Human-Like Eyes photo


In human beings, the wink is known to convey one of four emotions:
           Sexual invitation
           False sexual invitation,
           Nonsexual expression of friendliness usually from elder to youth,
                      and often accompanied by words like honey,
           Earnest strain of irony.

Thus, the box jellyfish wink may indicate greater flirtatiousness than previously supposed
           in the species
           a more sophisticated sense of humor.

One time a girl asked Frankie to please please please stop, but he didn't
           and she shit herself.

Sober now, he tries to make amends.

The box jellies have also been discovered to weep
           perpetually as they traverse the ocean floor,
           tears composed of their own bodies.

On a summer day before he knew what
           Alcoholics Anonymous,
           Narcotics Anonymous,
           Sex Addict's Anonymous even were,
Frankie netted a jellyfish,
           and raised it over the bay to witness
           that entire self
                      like tears,
                      like honey.


image: Madison Langston