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The Club pursues a shaky business proposition, and Jax must decide where his allegiances lie.


Allegiances are tested as a business deal heads south, and Jax must choose between the Club and family.


An old score complicates a lucrative business opportunity, as Jax decides how far he’ll go for the Club. Someone is buried up to their neck in fire ants.


A lucrative business opportunity presents itself and forces Jax to pick: family or the Club?


Gemma stabs Tara with a meat fork.


So-Cal neo-Nazis torch a burgeoning porn studio, while Jax confronts inner demons. Meanwhile, the Club flubs a hustle. More ants.


Jax’s loyalty cools as business heats up for the Club.


An old score confronts Jax as a porn studio bursts into flames, and the Club must make new allegiances if they want to test their families.


Antics ensue as Jax’s loyalty takes a nosedive. Back at the Club, allegiances are pledged to prosperous new Nazis fire ants.


The Club invests in shaky new business ants, and Jax must decide once and for all: family or the Southern meat fork?


image: Anthony Veasna So