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Three poems  photo

fire inherent spectrum


the martyr no longer I walk beyond the cradle the peach tree the alphabet

a horizon infused revolution imagine the light the door in the mountain

stitches of time abandoned expanded across water the feathers a cloak

the radiance like love visualizing language surrendering the maps into


shelter in the green canyon cabin


light through windows & oaks—disintegration becomes a rope a metamorphoses

a song a labyrinth a stammer a bumblebee a hand a flower a wand a chaos a hollow

a lemon a microscope a myth a candle a bottle a translation a cocoon a luminaria


continue to believe in the impossible


organize the checks extend the horizon  the drawings become the paintings

the music unfolds to the sea  a rabbit runs in the field  the oak tree is steady

Frida Kahlo inspires  life remains an enigma

image: Carabella Sands