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November 6, 2015 Poetry

three poems

Shy Watson

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"free the nipples"

I beat a guy

who had a crush on me 

at beer pong


we got stoned

in the Walmart parking lot

when my car wouldn't start


6 months later

he sends me a Facebook invite

for a "FREE THE NIPPLES" rally


when i complain about 

my itchy armpits

and you say something about how i don't shave


do you realize

how fucking

dumb you sound





snorting coke

off the bathroom floor

of my ex-boyfriend's soul



is too restrictive

a thing





standing in the corner

of an ex-boyfriend's bedroom

i am wearing nothing

but a dunce cap & socks


he laughs

while playing league of legends

down the hall


when you tell me

that scratching my bites

is the worst thing i can do


i think to myself


you have no idea




image: Ian Amberson