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August 21, 2020 Fiction

The Girl in the Glass Coffin

Megan Culhane Galbraith

The Girl in the Glass Coffin photo

I went looking for her. He went looking for her. She went looking for her. They went looking for her. 

We all went looking for her.

I look. 
You look. 
He looks. 
She looks. 
They look. 
We look.

I looked at her. You looked at her. He looked at her. She looked at her. They looked at her.  Everyone looked at her. 

We all went about looking.

She is looked at. 
She was looked at. 
She had been looked at. 
She is still being looked at. 

We did all the looking.

The video they made of her being looked at went viral #girlintheglasscoffin. It got 10 million views. 

I am looking. 
You are looking. 
He is looking. 
She is looking. 
Everyone is looking. 

We did all the liking.

I have looked. 
You have looked. 
He has looked. 
She has looked. 
Everyone has looked.

We all got a good look, didn’t we?

But no one saw her.

No one saw her ever after.


image: Rosalia Lombardo, aka "Sleeping Beauty of the Capuchin Catacombs."