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terror dream with love music photo

just looked outside
to see what’s going on
whatever         it

is thursday
precious, beautiful
whatever as ever

and i can’t
pry my hand
off the windowsill

i’m driving the future
it’s a test
with the end in question

i don’t want to see death
imprinted upon what should
seem ordinary

ordinarily, the air
bites more
than yesterday

and the day before
which seemed preferable
until it came

when summer becomes tired
and long, my routine
is to welcome any new sensation

angel olsen’s new album
glistens and darkens throughout
the living room, cutting in half

the infiltrating cold
this record less shiny
than her previous

includes more of a dull
swelling, it’s cohen-y
both broody and croony

like when he says
it’s come to this
yes its come to this

and wasn’t it
a long
way down

i’m wondering
if we’ve arrived
but then i’m wondering

about arrival
years ago
a conversation

with men about beauty
a thing was said like
“the word beautiful

is too often
thrown around
so much that

it loses meaning”
at the time i thought yes
true beauty is rare (vomit)

the word becomes dull
it will thud all over
my poems i must

use less revealing
descriptors more folded
with complexity (vomit)

i would never speed past
the world
but to pedal back

i love to have fun
i love love the quiet
i do my best and i work work work

we had friends over
to the apartment last night
to sit on a blanket

on the living room floor

and eat soup

and today,



came through the window

and said look at her face

this curl by her ear


it is so beautiful

that I cried

i’m done now 


complicating and sprinkling 

intellect so stop licking for it

beauty police


i don’t live 

to close my eyes 

but I love to do it


although I see

attractive shapes

in the darkness


i don’t wish 

to lose poetry

for the sake of shadow


i live

with a small knife

tucked into the front pocket


of my baggu 

i don’t like that it’s there

or when it’s not there 


if i try to imagine 

drawing it

i myself am a stick figure


with no muscles 

and tiny hands 

so i put my dream away


right there

for if i ever need 

a sharp thing


image: Aaron Burch