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Suggestion / Fight photo


new boyfriend says he’s worried. new boyfriend says i should stop saying credit cards are just free money. new boyfriend says i should stop telling strangers at the bar lyme disease isn’t a real thing and that it’s a government conspiracy. new boyfriend says i use my dog as an excuse to get out of doing stuff too much. new boyfriend says lets stay grounded in this reality. new boyfriend says “you’re a wild one” as a nice way of saying “you’re nuts stop texting me.” i think we are gonna make it.



he was going back inside to look for his wallet which he thought he may have left on the counter or the dresser or the nightstand. he said, i’m leaving you in the car so you can stew in your own thoughts. so i just read stuff on the internet and didn’t really think about much except that it was nice of him to leave his keys in the ignition so i could keep the ac running because it is 92 degrees today and i probably would have suffocated in the car or had to wait outside while i googled my weekly love horoscope or what he meant by “personal affront” and “coincidence”


image: Aaron Burch