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Spanking Diane Sawyer photo

I want to spank Diane Sawyer
In fact, I'd pay upwards of
fifty dollars for it, at least
if she was wearing white cotton

In my fantasy
I wonder
I stop and ask,
"Is everything okay, Diane?"

"Yes," she says,"yes"
just keep spanking

"Do you remember
the safe word?"

She rolls her eyes
and wiggles her ass
annoyed with me

Look, I try my best
I really want to spank
Diane Sawyer

If I could just cut loose
for once

Instead, even here
in my fantasies,
I stop

"Those love taps just ain't
doing it for me," Diane says

I try to say something about my
and a belt
and raw fat legs

before I can though,
Matt Lauer is at the door
bald and bold and riding a Hog

They drive off together
somewhere, where I don't
know, but it's a rough, wild

image: Caleb Curtiss