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ME: U in la?

MIDGE: workin onnit

MIDGE: in flight

MIDGE: my lift driver to the airport this morning was the spanish speaking ronald mcdonald for 25 years

MIDGE: he was telling me the whole story & it was like 6am

MIDGE: i had to ask him if he was making it up

ME: Love that

ME: What did he say

MIDGE: it was all real. the story took the entirety of the trip to ohare

MIDGE: he said he started at clown college with the ringling bros

MIDGE: and his dad called him a faggot

MIDGE: then worked as a clown on a puerto rican tv show and moved to puerto rico

MIDGE: but the mcdonald's suits showed up at his rents house in chicago looking to recruit him bc they needed a clown who could communicate with the kids who spoke spanish

MIDGE: his mom thought they were the fbi

MIDGE: and then when he auditioned he spoke spanglish and the 3 other clowns didn't say anything in spanish so he got the gig

MIDGE: started out pretty lowly but got his break when one of the other main ronalds was supposed to throw out opening pitch at wrigley & that ronald got sick

MIDGE: so it was his big shot and he took a trick ball out onto the field without telling anyone

MIDGE: and when he threw it the ball came back to him instead of going to the catcher

MIDGE: and the crowd went crazy

MIDGE: then they brought him into the board room and he started pitching ideas about ronald shows and shit

MIDGE: got to the real paper

MIDGE: he said he was originally making $3600 every 2 weeks when he was 22 in 1981 when he started with mc ds at first

MIDGE: ended up buying his dad a brand new truck and house

MIDGE: and his dad came to him crying & apologizing

ME: The trick ball at wrigley!!!!

ME: What a g

ME: His dad was so ashamed of him before too

ME: Then he showed him!!!

MIDGE: so good. it was so early

MIDGE: my brain was like "is this rily happening rn" lmao

ME: I can imagine him throwing the trick ball at wrigley

ME: And everyone going apeshit

MIDGE: literally same and he was doing short little impressions

ME: Power move

MIDGE: of the crowd

MIDGE: and him walking out

MIDGE: etc

MIDGE: i tipped the guy $6 and i never tip in ubers