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February 14, 2022 Poetry

Red Aphrodite

Andie Sheridan

Red Aphrodite photo

doesn’t know how to give a PROPER blowjob
The spittle
of the sea
                        otherwise known as Jamaica Pond
dries hard on her eros:erring:elbow still deeper
in her collarbones
calling her to the women on Centre St
laughing          you don’t see g-strings like that anymore!
She wonders
at seeing a sound
hearing a lyre:licking liar in the back of her throat
and how the whale tail beckons mortals to snap tongues
and KEEN      Men here absolutely
with the pleasure of cupid:keeping

doesn’t know how to feel about the INEFFICIENCY of tampons
The violence
           meaning the darling Diva Cup’s intrusion
and often
reminds her too much of
god:complexed:gynecologists in their excavation for cancer
            i’m actually kind of proud of how good i am
            at doing pap smears!

She’s surprised at the care and warmth
of Fenway Health on Boylston helping
her ambrosiaed ankles
angle into the sun:strung:stirrups
Golden generosity
dripping from her
forehead in pain
hanging there with dry cotton like earrings the color of rouge:rage
Embarrassment becomes good as she OPENS up
Speculum:seagoing sweat collecting
at the crux of her core values


image: Eve Ettinger