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November 24, 2020 Poetry

Two Poems

Stephanie Jean

Two Poems photo


Let us not become nomads and gatherers of perishable relics that once mothered our corporeal godliness.  Let us reduce the world to human; and nature, to an alienating green whale. Let's account for trash because we really are bored with most living things including ourselves. Let us adore the inanimate because to stare long enough is to breathe life in. Let's scavenge for indecisions flirting with. Let's go mad with sex fracking and medium fucking to remember freedoms found in semblables of all fauna and living color. Let's pleasure the pleasure of possibilities. Let us create a hand so invisible no cunning serpent will discern it. Let us all, once again, at long last, be humans, and not gods.    



Obvious Pairs 

A six     
A strong 

A collared-blue  
A getting-laid  

A good girl  
A sad little blow-job 

A fat-girl  
A fuck-better 

A they-have-to  
A win-win 

A one-night-slut 
A poe-dumb-bitch 

A I-know-what-I'm-supposed-to-do  
A go-in-and-out-cock     

A double-team 
A pecs-on-steroids  

A quantity 
A make-you-pay-for-not-being-quality. . .later 

A woman 
A supposed-to-wait-especially-when-I-don't-love-her 

A I'd-been-to-Mars 
A you-owe-me-a-fuck 

A I-need-this 
A honesty 

A how-dare-you-see-me-as-I-am 
A retreat 

A natural  
A nature 

A comfort  
A weakness 

A quantity  
A cowardly 



image: Doug Paul Case