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my anxiety has a baby rattlesnake in it photo

the babies are most dangerous because
            they have not learned how to control their venom
                        the way we make the same decisions over and over and over again
                                    situation-ships scale down transformations of selves

my anxiety has a number of naked selves in it
            the accumulations of conversations that i’ve excluded
                        and have been excluded from are the poetics of negation
                                    when women are stressed, especially during wartime, their production
                        of cortisone decreases and they are more likely to give birth to girls
            what is the correlation between tree density and population density per square mile

my anxiety renovates wombs, there’s a clarity in the cold
            that you cannot access while bathing in sunlight
                        text messages are the fragments of communication engineered
                                    by modern society to control the arrangement of our physical bodies
                        the loss of hearing, mechanical cranes, to be deaf,
            but not deft-less, what are the biscuits and gravy of poetry

my anxiety is fixated on the different implications of what it means
            to sit next to someone rather than to sit across from them
                        my anxiety renovates wombs, one fact at a time, the quiet world of phosphenes,
                                    the nebulous galaxies you see when you rub your eyes
                        not sunset green, but sinatra blue, not sunset green but sinatra blue
            the dictionary’s synonyms for coincidence: accident, luck, and/or fate
how to locate a meditative space between the pages

my anxiety is a yard sale of dead people’s stuff, the price of being poor is ironic
            the ability to render nothingness into the state of fullness
                        paper cities and invisible weights on smooth clavicles
                                    there is no such thing as a non-habit-forming sleep aid
                        there’s no such thing as a non-habit-forming sleep aid
            well, good morning midnight