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Lena Dunham’s Abortion

Remember when Lena Dunham said

She wished she’d had an abortion?

I bet she super duper wishes that now!!


Arby’s Fries


The first time I had an abortion I was nineteen

My college boyfriend and I fucked twice the day my period ended without a condom

Because someone said you can’t get pregnant right after your period


There were people with signs outside the Planned Parenthood when I walked in

It was cold, January in Cincinnati, my mom had driven down from Reynoldsburg

Where she still lived with her asshole boyfriend, Mark,

The one who beat her up


Anyway, she came down and went w me and the next year

My boyfriend Evan – the one who’d knocked me up - and I moved her out of the apartment in Reynoldsburg

And into an apartment in downtown Columbus

Where, at age forty,

My mother changed careers, gave up bartending,

went to court reporting school


a year after that I went with her down to South Carolina

so she could fuck Mark one more time

why are assholes always such good fucks?

I would ask her and myself thirty-one years later

No one ever has an answer


I was twenty-six and married when I had my second abortion

My husband was nineteen and we lived in a shitty apartment

Near Twelve Mile

Across the street from the mall where I worked at a Victoria’s Secret;

My husband worked at a plastics factory on Thirteen mile

Or maybe it was Twelve,

I can’t remember

It was so long ago

All I remember is I had the abortion and the next day at work I got Arby’s fries on my lunch hour

At the mall


Nine months later I got pregnant again

But because my dad had died in the interim and left me some $$$

I didn’t have an abortion this time

This time I had my daughter

But I don’t think it would matter either way

Or if I had


Fate is fate

I never regret shit

Certainly not either abortion


I told a lady at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this a few years ago

She was standing outside a Pro Life tent with a sign that read:

Women regret abortions


“I never regretted either of mine,” I said


I kept walking

I was in  my late forties by this time

No longer viable for pregnancies, aborted or otherwise

But my daughter was

My daughter was in her early twenties

I thought it only fair she be afforded the same opportunities I had


The worst one was a man with a sign after a football game

UM vs somebody

We were walking back from the stadium in Ann Arbor

And a man with a photograph of what I presume was a fetus (even blown up it was grainy, black and white; I averted my eyes)

Was blocking everyone’s way

As we tried to cross the street


If there are two things I never want to see:

One is a photograph of an aborted fetus

The second is any video PETA ever made


Isn’t it funny,

It’s usually ppl on opposite ends of the political spectrum:

The PETA ppl and the Pro Lifers


I don’t want to see anyone’s videos

Or listen to anybody else’s idea of morality


I just want to eat my Arby’s French fries on my lunch hour;

I just want my daughter to have the same American choices

Her mother had, in 1995, a year before she was born.