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Kiss Me Thru The Phone photo


trembling     string between two cans
     across town     fry-gravel longing compressed      voice-tightrope
transposed, delivered to you     I don't know how it happens- this way,
     or each vowel & sigh value-placed
verbal sudoku, beamed     remixed from sight to noise?
     simpler: imagine us     humming
inside each other              listening, always
     receiver impotent machine     a scarcity
touch your hand to the dip in your breast /     know we can talk
anytime / i’m doing it now- asking your name-
did you hear me? i’ve given you mine. and i hear
you want to be loved, truthful, want to live
in a glass box and sleep in a drawer     what else
     can i send from inside you     clavicle rattle-hum
yes, we are buzzing     inside each other
     at the chest     Atomized, silhouette hovering,
haunt between ear and spleen     If we stayed here,
     we’d do nothing but sing     tell our friends
the truth of our love     the real meat of our day
     phone as talisman      something to hold,
a weight in the palm     we can pretend
          is god / each other’s hand

image: Aaron Burch