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i can't watch tv anymore ever basically photo

the cat and i are watching HBO pretending time passes much faster than it does like how this guy has been in prison for 52 days but it's only been 11 minutes

i can't look at people on tv kissing or smiling with their faces close together without crying

because u know why


if my arm fell off i wouldn't notice until my phone told me i had a text
my body doesn't matter

it could sit quietly in the dark for a long time


but me, i am hardly quiet and i think maybe u can hear me in Shea stadium over all those other people
and drums and stuff

and i am saying hi softly but mostly i have my eyes closed thinking abt the hair on my arm and what it felt like to hold things in the crook of my elbow

before the whole thing fell off and made a lovely muted thud on the carpet

the way my stomach does when i hear u say something sad

my phantom limb is trying to take pictures of the cat for u


these texts aren't delivering



image: Aaron Burch