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August 23, 2018 Poetry

How to Survive as a Single-Family Car*

Marne Wilson

How to Survive as a Single-Family Car* photo

Get frequent oil changes.

Remember that even when parked in the garage,
you still have worth.

Take time to remember all your family does for you:
trips to the car wash, tire rotation,
cleaning out the fast food bags on a monthly basis.

List one positive thing about each driver every day.

Remember that babies don’t kick the seats forever.

Get your upholstery Scotchguarded as soon as possible.

Pets don’t mean to shed.  Love them anyway.

Be grateful for Sunday mornings.  This is your “you” time.

Try not to get jealous every time you pass the Lexus dealership.

Strike up a conversation with other cars you meet
while waiting outside soccer practices and piano recitals.

Remember that no matter what your flaws,
your family will never love another car as much as you.

*title taken from a newspaper headline misprint

image: Carabella Sands