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February 28, 2023 Poetry

Hit something

Hayden Church

Hit something photo

Do you ever get mad
and want to 
hit something?

was always the proposition from
my high school coach to play 
on the senior football team

I slumped back
on the bleachers
with Suttree bent over

Which of course 
yes I do
because what if

we’re undressing in
the locker room
and I get to take a peek 

at the tuft of jocks in
compression shorts
or dangling cocks

at every ass 
I’m not supposed
to look at

I tended to think
of myself first 
with everything back then

But anyhow 
that would be playing 
football for selfish reasons

so I didn’t accept 
that particular offer 

now I don’t believe 
I could have ever hit something
in a world that was never even bad

And I don’t worry 
about football as much