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December 12, 2019 Poetry

Ghosts in Empty Houses

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Ghosts in Empty Houses photo

Ghosts remove fishhooks from animal bodies
in the desolation outside an empty house.

Somewhere between a fortress & forest
cicadas shed skin & leave exoskeletons

on tree barks. Ghosts gift these bodies
to trees & witness them sing at night 

through their circadian rhythm. An echo
unto the glorious dimension of zero gravity.

A trawl toward the sky where unstitched stars
move in collinear stillness. An unsyllabled inertia.

Ghosts shift weather into windless trees
a house echoing an emptiness unto itself

like ocean folding into ocean until it reaches
a shore. Ghosts holy harbours with fragments

of dust & echoes of circadian song. Another
house through the eucalyptus trees fading

into morning mist. Ghosts holding prayers
our mouths say intact, into a remembrance

of empty houses & asphalt interiors. Ghosts
diving into another ocean, another empty house.


image: Nathan Anderson