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January 9, 2019 Poetry

dogged night 

JoAnna Novak

dogged night  photo

dogged night

the moon is black

or green i go

a little nuts

flaying flowers

from the brocade

i cord the stems

& swallow the steak

tenderloin baby



i blew my mind

so cute she undid

an esophagus

i knew a gusset

could show me

an empty chair

in an empty room

in an empty suite

in the salt-light crush

an envy court

where the point lines

behaved glue-trapped

guest-proof down.

my fence & I stay put

until i fist the apparition

greet my ghosts

grow my studs

& zirconia thumb

jewels & raw my knuckles

i gape through

chain-link diamonds

chomp the silver

stripped fruit

fat figs dark dates

shall i iron the juice

use sugar

ready i'm ready

to polish these wrists

punch out the window

pull down my generation's

sun we caught peace

wanted muck

drop the night

we'll thrash

trash cups, calendars

ring me up

pick me out

count me off



doctors told me

when i looked

in the mirror


saturday & the monitor

neons health

on siren streets

an ambulance barks


my pet has begun

to doubt me



image: Aaron Burch