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Two Poems photo

32 questions for a photograph

(1) Can you find a beauty in it
(2) Can you see that he is looking out the window
(3) That he cannot see us
(4) That he cannot even see out the window
(5) Can you find a word in him
(6) Is he home now
(7) Is he asleep in bed
(8) Do his plants continue to grow
(9) Have some died from thirst
(10) What color is the wallpaper in the hallway
(11) What scent is the soap in the guest bath
(12) Which journal do you take off his shelf
(13) Why is it blank
(14) Why do the men crawl deep in the walls
(15) How is the air silver
(16) Who is that spooning chocolate mousse into your mouth
(17) Where are the drums
(18) Who opened them
(19) Is the power out
(20) Does the fire have tongues
(21) Are you asleep
(22) Do the men sway
(23) Is there a beauty in it
(24) Can the men drool
(25) Can the men paw at you
(26) Can the men be dogs
(27) Can the dogs howl
(28) Can the room hold the sound
(29) Can the window open
(30) Can you look out at the lawn
(31) Can you look out
(32) Can you see us



Blue Door

There is a blue door yes!
It is blue because it is so blue.
Yes! We have knocked. Knock knock
we say, knocking with our mouths
instead of our bones. All of us
waiting at the blue door smiling.
Our hands in our pockets yes!
Our hands like little paws.
Open up we cry. The blue door
is so blue because it is so sad yes!



image: Doug Paul Case