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Batter's Box Picture photo

Me at my most beautiful. Me locked in. Me sacrifice stance.
Me dragging. Me following the spin. Me in a string of fouls. Me fighting off
junk. Me going the other way. Me looking to get hit. Me getting hit.
Me sticking my shoulder out. Me ducking away. Me foolish. Me dancing.
Me brave in the box. Me fiddling with my hands. Me fiddling with my crotch.
Me matching by best with his. Me doing a job. Me looking to make contact.
Me missing a mistake. Me wanting to make him pay for his. Me ruining his.
Me in a dry run. Me in a routine. Me geared up. Me focusing on my hips.
Me staring him down. Me loosey-goosey. Me slowing down. Me dialed in.
Me focusing on my back leg. Me focused on stillness in the hips. Me over-
thinking. Me conscious of leverage. Me biting my shirt. Me jawing
on something. Me joyful. Me intimidating. Me intimidated by real heat.
Me with my head down. Me turning my head. Me turning heads.
Me looking for something to drive. Me impressed with his command.
Me with hope. Me with a surprise sacrifice. Me with patience. Me forgetting
a bad year. Me with follow-through. Me with two hands. Me with one.
Me with my weight on my back foot. Me scooting back in the box.
Me dead-red. Me in a bad spot. Me choking and loading up. Me asking
for time. Me reading signals. Me grinding. Me tapping my foot. Me sitting
curve. Me sitting fast. Me sitting change. Me looking for tics in his hands.
Me looking for a tic in his rubber foot. Me ticked at him for coming inside.
Me with a sign of the cross. Me crossed up. Me missing a sign.
Me needing a better grip. Me grimacing. Me grimacing into a smile.
Me dead eyes. Me mouth open. Me tongue out. Me clutch.
Me changing my stance. Me rubbing my head. Me changing my stance
and changing my stance. Me each time. Me with outs. Me with one out.
Me with no outs left.  Me taking what he gives me. Me jammed. Me knowing
I’ve been beat. Me guessing. Me beaten. Me beating it into the ground.
Me good cut. Me cautious. Me fixing my head. Me hacking away. Me heckled
to death. Me good eye. Me good eye. Me eyes still. Me head still. Me tough out.
Me out by a mile. Me easy out. Me running hard. Me running hard
the whole way when I’m already gone. 

image: Jen Didik