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April 1, 2008 Poetry

Baseball Haikus

Baseball Haikus photo

A swing and a miss.
And now the lone samurai
Returns to the bench.
        - Ted Weir 

The flyball skies high
In the stands, ten gloves await;
The pitcher kicks dirt
        - Jon Sindell 

last man waits on deck
quietly resting his fate
on sinking liner
        - Paul Silverman 

Horsehide pops leather, 
evening game of throw and catch– 
my father, his son. 
        - Jim Tomlinson 

Pure Hitter
He swings, stands watching
lets the bat slip from his hands
jogs the bases, smug.
        - Marty Carlock 

Mikey on the mound. 
Bases loaded. Team Slurpees
hang in the balance.
        - Jim Ruland 

The crack of the bat
Line drive down the third base line
Go right past second
        - Steven Seighman 

Kirk Gibson bum legs
Hit Eck's best backdoor slider
Breaking Oakland hearts
        - Bob Arter 

Like Ryan Howard, 
J-Roll, and Schmidt before him,
Utley, MVP!
        - Lee Klein 

Opening Day
They start in Japan 
Me with 6 AM coffee
3 on the west coast
        - Timothy Gager 



My first breaking ball:
It tumbled top to bottom
I fall on my ass
        - Bob Arter 

Once per year
On March 24
every team is tied for first
life is beautiful
        - Timothy Gager 

Combo Spatter
Beer and dogs and beer
Fierce sun and a hatless head
Vomit on the stairs.
        - Melissa Bell 

Sad news for Tigers
Granderson broke a finger
Won't play Op'ning Day
        - Elizabeth Ellen 

Only thing more fun
than my team winning is the
Yankees losing big.
        - F John Sharp 

Winter yields to spring
Hope burns again in my heart
Should last until May.
        - Leonard Pierce 

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Expects nothing but the best
He is misguided

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Throws pop ups to his players
Who duck for cover

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Shows how to run the bases
As his team throws dirt

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Tells his batters to choke up
They all grab their necks

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Hits grounders to his fielders
While they run from moths

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Says "Everyone did great"
and "See you next week"

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Collects the stray baseballs and
hopes for better days 
        - Christopher Monks


image: Ryan Molloy