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5 ways of throwing something into the boston public gardens swan pond photo

1.         board the T heading downtown to get to the swan pond / check your phone absently / remember
            how so many people needed your attention last month that it made you want to throw your
            phone into the swan pond / now no one needs your attention / the silence makes you want to
            throw your phone into the swan pond / you won't throw your phone into anywhere / it hurts too much

2.         breathe all your sorrow into a fresh apple / throw it into the air above the swan pond in such a
            way that it lands straight down into the swan pond / get yelled at for throwing your sorrow into
            the swan pond / run / far / away

3.         scrunch your face into weird shapes as a man walks around feeding peanuts to the squirrels /
            remember the squirrels in pennsylvania when you lived there / remember the mountains / the
            empty valleys / the neverending highways / the brutal rains pennsylvania gave you as a passive-
            aggressive parting gift / throw the entire state of pennsylvania into the swan pond

4.         look at all of it / the sun / the trees / dogs trying to run directly up to the trees / ask: 'how are
            people on this planet not just... good to each other?' / toss the word good into the swan pond /
            watch it try desperately to tread water

5.         notice children fleeing by the hands of their parents / sirens suddenly blaring / cops converging 
            on a man and a group of unrelated geese / someone will whisper: 'he must have thrown the knife
            into the lake' / most will keep walking / two park rangers stabbed in the news / an officer
            wades in the muck looking for it / finds nothing


image: Aaron Burch