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Song: “Seventeen”


You can’t skateboard over road work. But you can wipe your bloody hands on your jeans; blood doesn’t look right going down a drain. Later you see a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk and look around to see if anyone is searching for it. A guy in a cafe gives you the go-ahead nod. You live in America. Joy wears a necktie around her head and no one blinks twice. Joy, who you’re in love with. Joy with pert nipples through a homemade gold lame tube top. But she has a child 13 years younger than herself and that seems too heavy. One of you lives on the upper part of a house that faces a cemetery. One of you lives in a shed. Someone is always depressed but for different reasons. You woke up next to your boss again, wearing his giant KISS t-shirt. You sit next to him in a warehouse during the day, make phone calls for the Death with Dignity Act. The coke makes you cry as you come down. Sometimes you wake up in tall dark grass and find your dog missing. Something you spray-painted sits next to you.




Beverage: Makers and a beer back


image: Becca Yenser