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November 16, 2014 Poetry

2 Poems

Sophia Katz

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We Are Happier Now Than We Ever Were, You Said

Every day I feel more and more like an old man shuffling in an enormous empty shopping mall

It helps if I imagine you sitting somewhere nearby, ready to leave for some place colder

The sun lives inside of you and makes you warm, and I think it pisses you off

You keep looking at the clock
Or if it's on your wrist then you keep staring at your watch

You keep wanting to correct me but you can’t because I’m right

I dream of seeing your beautiful face somewhere other than in the familiar expressions captured in photographs on the internet

I imagine being thinner

Relishing in my exhaustion fueled,
terrible posture while on the train home

My ribs can't handle the wait of my lungs

I always quit smoking in the winter so its okay

You’re walking so quickly past storefronts,
A cup of hot coffee in your jacket pocket

I am a mannequin watching you walk by

I try to entertain you

My hair tragically rests over my lip,
at the end of my extremely emotional dance

We are waiting for rose gold summer

We are two umbrellas slightly touching in the rain

You are sleepless in bed with a broken heart


I am staring at old text messages that make me wonder why
anyone ever lets words come out of their body

When I stopped talking a lot everyone wanted to fuck me

If we saw each other I would probably talk a lot accidentally

But saying things I don’t mean makes you like me
Saying things I didn’t mean made you like me

It’s good, we’re good now and trust me nobody likes me

We are $1.50 somebody dropped in the gutter

I saw us and tried to pick us up but we were really dirty and too far gone

We are always either asleep or awake

But I don’t get my heart broken anymore


Backup Dancer For Nobody In Particular


I could be a dizzy sweetness
alone in your room, removing my things

Every day you want me less
every day you need me more

I could be a perfume mist
wafting, afloat inside your lungs

I'm tired of being the mystery
I want to be solved

Fix me into something human
Fashion me a new set of wings

I could be a new sensation
on the curve in your cheek
when the wind hits it so bravely
and reminds you what fall is

My body bakes under these heavy blankets
and i venture underneath

I hide here until you get home

When you enter your room
and see the tiny ball curled under your blankets

You ignore it and roll a joint

I remain hidden and hopeful

Spared from your palpable indifference
overheating in wal-mart thread count anticipation
that soon turns into loneliness
as I hear you sit down
and start up your computer

I curl myself in even closer
I curl inside myself until i disappear

You watch rap videos
and forget I came over

image: Sophia Katz