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February 6, 2023 | Interview

Ask the Duskjacket: an interview with Bruce Wagner

Elizabeth Ellen

Now I don’t care anymore. I’m writing posthumously; I’m invisible now – like an “aging actress”!

February 6, 2023 | Fiction

Home Show

Emily Gaynor

That every aspect of her life could have an expensive accoutrement was highly erotic.


February 5, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays


Naomi Leigh

I was sobbing too loud for the men’s room and I was in no shape to explain myself so I settled on the supply closet next to it. After a couple minutes of moping I got a BBM (we had to have Blackberries then, for whatever reason) from Jarrett. “Were fuck are you bro?

February 3, 2023 | Poetry


Gabrielle Griot

There’s something unbearably endearing
about Pepto-Bismol in its retro European

February 3, 2023 | Fiction

Mrs Narcissus

James Nulick

How much would you pay to have an honest conversation with yourself?

February 2, 2023 | Fiction

Sixty Percent

Will Bindloss

He turns up late to almost all of his final exams, answers whatever questions he feels like and defaces the rest of the paper.

February 1, 2023 | Poetry

Five Poems

Ashley D. Escobar

I vomited
up a prophecy in a dive bar,
inhaling hot dogs.