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Written on the Wall of an Invisible Temple While Brimming with Love photo

in solar winds 

the geometry of souls 
arcing across dreams 
descending from flashing neuron clouds

with rose petals 
and honey 
in my mouth

I thought of you

Saw the ancient rain

Asteroids and comets 
slammed into desiccated earth rock

Space dust burned in the atmosphere 
releasing the first bombs of water 

I don’t know 
what I’m saying

I know exactly 
what I’m seeing

Terraces of light
serrated sun-blades 
resting on clouds 
tumbling upward 

Flowers of water on lunar thighs

The phenomenology of intercontinental ballistic missiles

Lotuses the size of planets

Electric trees 
entwined with trees of blood 
in the moonless night of the body

We made ablutions with spears 
under a thunder of scrolls unrolling 

Suns collided with pages

We sat on thrones of poetry 
in libraries of light 

The words were an organization of energy 
an arrowhead of wolves running across the snow 
muzzles and paws pink with blood 
breath pushing between their teeth

We glided across ice plains 
and punched through lava rock 
while singing songs to bring joy and amazement 
making a home out of chaos

We put mushrooms and leaves in our mouths 

We tasted life and flung histories into orbit 

We wandered across ten thousand nations to read the shadows of peoples

Love is not enough 
but it is everything

I’ve slept 
in the hands of mountains 
curled against gnarled primordial trunks in dripping jungles 
on ashes, covered in glass 
at the steps of blazing temples 
half-buried in cool sands among scorpions and dragons 
and always thought of you

A word
A wind

I’ve spit pigment on stone through a straw of bone 
gouged red clay with now-obliterated epics
scrawled glyphs across papyrus and summoned gods 
slammed blurred ink onto paper while sitting naked and crazed
burned verse on liquid screens with endorphin lucidity

Battalions of lightning 
cross cerebral hemispheres 
tumble down spinal pagodas 
and flow through blood 
and muscle

I’m flinging sparks at a desk 
in the cold cell of civilization’s midnight 

I’m walking with four shadows 
conversing with the moon

I build swirling universes with you 
both of us in solitary confinement 
gripping all the hues of Earth

Circular breaths 
pyramids of destinies 

jeweled nebula
architectures of syllables
grammars of creation

Shadow on water
shadow on stone

Love is not enough

Every life is a poem