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July 8, 2016 Fiction


Cathy Mellett

When photo

When I got back and took you out to dinner at our favorite place.

When you kept reaching across the table to touch my arm.

When you told me what we would do later.

When we walked back to your place.

When I turned to face you. I knew I had to face you.

When you said, smiling, “So, what did you bring me?”

When I said, “I fell in love.”

When you said, “But you’re in love with me.”

When I couldn’t meet your eyes.

When there was silence between us.

When you hit me hard, on the arm, and I was glad because it gave me an easy out.

When you said, “Don’t look at me as if you feel sorry for me.”

When I whispered, “I’m sorry,” but was happier for me than sad for you.

When you asked me her name and cried.

When I left you at your door and didn’t look back.

When I couldn’t wait to call her.

When I called you months later.

When we sat on your porch and I begged you to take me back.

When you said no.

When I cried.


image: Anna Mellett