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May 24, 2019 Poetry


Ben Pelhan

wardrobe photo

every movie ever has big hard cocks. ass. tits. sorry, I meant porn. sometimes when I travel I listen to the radio. the songs make me think of you and I think of the shapes your mouth makes and I accelerate. you have a body and you are a person and you wear your vagina like a hat. your penis like a belt. they match but they never touch. the hat goes on the hat rack. the belt coils up and hides somewhere. the hat rack is your bosom. your bedroom drawers are all tight, red and revealing. this is how I imagine it. I’m sorry. I was trying to write you a letter. please, let me try again.

dear lover,

I want to fuck you but the world tells me how but also I want to fuck the world. will you go on a trip with me?


image: Weston Sewall