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September 14, 2020 Poetry

Two Poems

Lindsay Lerman

Two Poems photo

not the man

you should have fucked
the forest, not the man

the ravine holds secrets
not him

not him
secrets hold the ravine

not the man, the forest
you should have fucked

easy come, easy

fine tell me I’m exquisite, I will
open the robe to reveal, I will
bare it all, show you
all my death drive, every last
swipe and stroke and smack and grab

the noise you made when my fingers
were in your mouth, it shredded me but
I know the one time, and there was
only the one, when you saw
me with your eyes, not you in them

what was happening as all
my atoms rearranged themselves, as I was
looking for clarity, that crystalline room where
all is visible? I was staring at
the hell in you, recognizing me

I remember what the forest told me
that night, she spoke in hushed tones, shhhh
she said, hissing gently, shhh baby, abandon it
abandon it all, everything is a reason
to abandon

your warm body beside his, go go going go go go
and don’t stop going, there is nothing
to put back together, to put to bed, shhh remember
why you run

image: Carabella Sands