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November 6, 2019 Poetry

Two poems

Mal Young

Two poems photo

in the bella resource center

that lesser bond girl
her name was a play on genuflect

i can be good
lowering myself to the ground
everyone says reverent but they always
mean deference

i try to not long for shame when agitated
they fold my arms back i am a submissive crush
aching on tape, barefoot 
ready to present my form made better

god is the size of an acorn hat
god is a mother, explaining this

there is something indifferent
named divine inside me, you
will make me its shrine
though it’s a nourishment to move 
through obsession
to truce to absolute forgiveness

today i’m on a couch screaming
into my elbow

an indoor dog

convergent boundaries

i love sinking in a reservoir
a yolk in an egg      nothing could be better
than living as a quark
infinitesimally small


i cum hardest outside my body
belly up, showing off
looking down, knowing the audience looks down too


the hard edge of visibility is growing a rind
the opposite of venus, nourishing
thinking of my neighbor’s eyes
pressed through a hole
one atom wide


i’m capable of being bitten through
gently        the only way i’m comfortable
having the body discussed
one foot in         one between


the beautiful women i know all have
a singular face, pulled forward
at the center
in imitation i sleep 
rope tied against stained thighs


image: Aaron Burch