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March 27, 2019 Poetry

Two Poems

Soon Wiley

Two Poems photo


you never see any black skateboarders
my girlfriend’s father says
at the dinner table

already mushy spaghetti turns mushier in my mouth
what a sin
to overcook pasta

mashed, no whipped, potatoes
it seems
is the only thing these people can cook




“You’re not from around here”
A woman said, upon walking into a bar in Wichita
Where I ate kettle corn and got drunk

The woman worked at Colemans
Making things like lamps and tents
Things like – everything else

We cried and embraced
Gin slipping down the edges of martini glasses
Rings upon rings

“We used to nail our windows closed!”
The woman shouts over catchy jukebox tunes
Old cigar smoke leaking from the wallpaper



image: Doug Paul Case