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November 14, 2019 Poetry

two poems

Hannah Donovan

two poems photo


i sit
drip blood
think i am
such a giver
i want to be
or not)

where’s your effort
your trail of crumbs
leading to
better understanding
safer sex
i love you
you matter
come here

i am spinning out
a busted dryer
cycling on low
puffing hot air
from lungs
waiting to be
filled with song
tell me when to stop
i do not know when
surrender is not
my strong suit
draw a line
in the sand
or anywhere
soft but definite
so i can see
oh this needs to
this needs to end.



You don’t have to do anything
but sit there and I’m salivating
            like I’ve smelled fresh-cut pineapple

Your body lean as sugar cane
and sweeter
                        I’d like to cut you open
                        suck the tropical marrow

until my tongue stings
until my lips shrivel                then put the rest of you

in the fridge draped in cling wrap
            cause I know I’ll want those leftovers

in the middle of the night
when I wake & look all around & settle back to the pillow
& think oh god oh god has this
                        has this all been some
                                   delicious some delicious dream?

image: Aaron Burch