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September 22, 2016 Poetry

Two Poems

Emily Corwin

Two Poems photo


back there—just ugly things I don’t want to look at.

my thirst siting under your hand, almost disappeared.

I move like infection, gleaming, rushing across—a girl

like tallow candle in the room. in dark cedars, in night

terror, I spread quickly, pray the ground shining up.



my cartilage was broke. you said: have an okay

day. we ate the old bread anyhow. I was rib tender

and worms. you bit me everywhere. you made the

incision. there was spoiling cream. we were necking

in the buckthorn bush. you undid the sutures. I puckered.

there was my red stuffing. it was as far as the eye could see.


image: Kanya Kanchana