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September 6, 2016 Poetry

Two Poems

Jacob Bennett

Two Poems photo

Charles Memorial Gardens

for my mother

Pepper is buried here too, you know.
Grammy wanted him buried here.
When we get back to the house,
I’ll help you fill out that W-4 for
camp this summer. Do you think
you’ll be around for dinner tonight?
Susan’s making shepherd’s pie. I’m
gonna take your car into the shop
next weekend to get the coolant tank
checked out. It’s been slowly leaking and
it’s not getting better.



Remember when we paused Good
Will Hunting so I could lick Reddi-
Whip off your tits? That sort of
thing was easier when we didn’t
know each other as well. That was before
your pills. That was before the cords
dangled from the blinds and you lost
the twinkle in your eye.


image: Aaron Burch