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Street Repeat photo

StreetRepeat is an online project curated by photographer Julie Hrudova that aims to recognize similarities and repetition within the genre of street photography. Hrudova arranges each entry on the series’ Instagram page around one mutual theme. The work is posted in sets of threes, culling images from photographers from around the world.

Says Hrudova, "As the genre is widely popular and there is a constant stream of images, it’s easier to recognize trends and patterns. Photographers inspire each other all the time, consciously or not. These patterns come together at StreetRepeat.”


"Connect the Dots"     Jill Maguire // Fabian Schreyer // Emil Gataullin 



"Horse Back"     Nick Asaro // Nico Ferrara // Ania Klosek 



"Black and White Full Frontal Flash Animals"     Nayeem Siddiquee // Gavin Bragdon // Jodi Rogers 



"Headless"     Tomasz Kulbowski // Mehran Mafi Bordbar // Peter Kool 



"Animalines"     Matt Stuart // Vineet Vohra // Sasikumar Ramachandran  



"The Red Balloon Head"     Arsenico Jr Nidoy // Taweechai Iam // Youngjae Lim 



"The Burst"     Siegfried Hansen // Dimitris Makrygiannakis // Matt Hall 



"New Light"     Pau Buscató // Jonathan Higbee // Angkul Sungthong