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February 5, 2020 Poetry

sorry for taking

Patrycja Humienik

sorry for taking photo

so long to call back 
the first time the phone 
rang i was beneath a 
bridge when you rang 
again the roar of cars and 
cargo overhead made it too 
loud to hear you sense of 
sea partially obscured 
by traffic but felt           
when the phone rang 
a third time i thought i
could be beneath 
you could be water
on the other line if your 
voice weren’t so ironed on 
when i answer i don’t ask
if you still iron your shirts 
every morning i let you
talk coral tone once
hot pink got too hot 
bleached further down 
darkness giving shelter 
to shells mouthing
open and close when
i hang up i’m sweating i
feel the plastic   floating 
toward   everything

image: Aaron Burch