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September 2, 2016 Poetry

Place Time

Christos Kalli

Place Time photo

In theory, Hell in winter must be great. Even now,

With the ice on the ground, eyelashes scorch – the pages of

The Greek poetry book in my hands become more

The color of coal. Suddenly everything seems to depend

On how you combine place and time. This is Eden,

On January 5th, and the color that you thought

To be green and the sky that you thought to be blue

Is darker than black. Tears freeze before they

Reach the cheek, and the laughter – there is no laughter.

I was taught that the sun brings heat, but no teacher,

No preacher, no mom, no dad, no poet taught me

Who and why brings the cold. With this pencil I will

Draw a line on top of the all the tributes to the

Summer nights, the beaches, the warm sand that were

Ever written. I guess because what I am trying to say is

That in theory, Hell in winter must be great. It will be hot

Enough to wear a bathing suit and cold enough not to burn.


image: Aaron Burch